Avenue-in-the mist-JohnOGrady-www.johnogradypaintings.com

Avenue of Trees in the Mist, ©John O’Grady 2014
Oil on deep edged Beech Panel, 20.3 cm x 15 cm x 3.7cm deep (approx. 8″ x 6″, no need to frame and ready to hang)


Tree lined avenues are a common sight in France. They have a symmetrical sculptural quality.

This painting started life more as an arrangement of colour than as a particular subject matter as I had the colours on my palette from the previous day’s work.

From there, an image emerged slowly as if from the mist.

This muted understated piece was the result, a morning with trees silhouetted against an autumnal mist and the dawn light of morning breaking through slowly.

I would love to hear what you feel about this piece.

Avenue-in-the mist-JohnOGrady-www.johnogradypaintings.com