As Far as The Eye Can See V by John O'Grady | A scenic landscape painting of the West of Ireland on a changing weather day
As Far as the Eye can See V, ©John O’Grady (Click on the image to enlarge it)
25.75″ x 32″ x 0.8″ oil on canvas, ready to hang

High upon the rolling hills above the roiling sea, we stand.

The world is passing by.

The wind blowing in off the coast has brought rain clouds of blue and purple that release fine veils of rain.

Our eye is led down and across the hills.

The light shifts from dark chocolate browns to burnt oranges and gold.

In the distance, muted blues and violets and finally a grey blue suggest misty land meets the sea.

In turn, light touches the surface of the water, glittering like a burnished diamond.

As with all of the ‘As Far as the Eye Can See’ paintings I’ve made, the horizon line shifts, moving backward and then forward, up and then down.

It’s sometimes distinct but then disappears leaving us to guess what may or may not be.

Is it a headland we can see or is it a shadow falling upon the sea?

Whenever I make one of these vista pieces, the ephemeral quality of nature’s elements and shifting light, what is real and what is not is the driver.

When I reach the final stages of the painting, the magical part is trying to push back further and further the horizon line without it finally disappearing altogether.

That tipping point is the axis on which the painting revolves.

All is transient and not always what it seems…

I’d love to hear what you think of this painting.