JohnOGradyArt-As Far as the Eye Can See II
As Far as the Eye Can See II, ©John O’Grady,
2014 Oil on Panel, 8″x 10″


A few of you have sent me questions lately about how I go about making a painting.

So I thought it’s about time to bite the bullet and put a little video together. Now it is a small 3 minute video but in terms of putting it together, it took longer than making the painting. Put it like this, it was a steeeep learning curve.

I managed to edit over an hour of recording to just over 3 minutes.

Here is my first effort.

“Gone with the Wind” it is not but I hope it gives a little insight into what I do.

The first part of the video, the painting is flat while I apply an acrylic underpainting wash. Then, after about 30 seconds, the painting is on my easel for oil painting.

After I completed editing the video, I reworked the foreground so the painting you see above is slightly different from the one on the video.

I’d love to hear what you think.

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