www.Johnogradypaintings.com. Approaching Rain Provence
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Approaching Rain, Provence. ©John O’Grady, 2014
Oil on Panel, 16″x 16″


Yes there are moments when the deep blue sky of Provence becomes angry and threatens rain and even hail, particularly in March. This painting includes two loves of mine, grasses and dramatic skies.

At the moment, the grasses growing wild in the abandoned-looking fields have a beautiful diaphanous quality and a gorgeous bronze colour that catches the light. These contrast with the rounded forms of the heavy rain clouds that play centre stage in this piece.

I learnt a good deal about myself with this painting.

Struggling to capture the cloud movements, for days I battled, almost there, almost there, bit by bit, forever fiddling until I eventually caught myself being precious.

That’s when the big brush and rag came out and it came right, all within 10 minutes.

As they say, it’s a funny old game.

I look forward to reading what you think.