A Day of Light, ©John O’Grady
11″ x 12″ oil and wax on panel, requires framing.
Not for Sale (NFS)

Have you experienced one of those days when the air is invigorating and full of nature’s life force?

These days are dazzling. The quality of light bouncing off the sea turns the sky azur in colour though, the Atlantic wind keeps the air fresh.

This painting seeks to capture such a breathtaking day on the West Coast of Ireland.

It started with an oil wash of blue black in Paynes grey left over from a previous day’s work. I let it sit overnight so I could see the possibilities within the painting afresh.

Some of this wash can still be seen peaking through, in parts of the sky and rocks.

When I walked into my studio the following day, the shape of the rocks and the headland presented themselves straight away. What started out as a very dark wash ended up being a very ‘high key’ bright painting, mainly because of the turquoise and powder blue in the sky and sea which are so attractive to work with.

After I finished it, Eugene Boudin, a painter born in Brittany and associated with the Barbizon school, came to mind. He captured so well the shifting quality of light along the French coast around Le Havre.

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