Today I have two new smaller atmospheric paintings to show you.

They continue with reoccurring themes.

The first one is:

Atmospheric painting of a dark blue, cloudy moonlit night on the road to the sea in the West of Ireland

The Road to the Sea VI

40 cm x 40 cm x 4.5 cm acrylic on canvas, ready to hang
$694 (approx. €650, £575)

In the west of Ireland, houses hug the coastline.

Dwarfed by the immensity of clouds drifting by, they are illuminated by the full moon.

The road takes us on a journey past the houses asleep in the landscape towards the distant roar of the Atlantic Ocean.

This painting is about scale and how small we really are before nature.


The second painting:

Quiet painting of a grassy glade in the forest one early evening with light filtering through the foliage. This blue and green artwork is called 'A Murmur in the Trees VII' by John O'Grady

A Murmur in the Trees VII

20 cm x 20 cm x 4.5 cm oil on canvas, ready to hang
$250 (approx. €228, £195)

Standing in a glade, the trees sigh in the breeze.

Can you feel the sheltered atmosphere?

I used a range of greens and blues to imbue the painting with a feeling of calm and seclusion.

I’ love to hear what you think about these two paintings.

Which one appeals to you more, the open vista or the secluded clearing?