I am delighted you’ve joined this community of art lovers that follow my work.

Perhaps you are wondering who I am.

I’m John, an Irish artist living in Provence. I paint from memory in an intuitive way with acrylic or oils, sometimes both.

When I am drawn to a special landscape or a weather phenomenon, I internalise how it makes me feel. Then, it percolates and emerges in my paintings.

Paintings inspired by Ireland tend to fall within the romantic tradition. They are moody and atmospheric and often feature changing weather patterns or the moon, such as:


Painting of a stormy evening 'The Fairy Rath VI' by John O'Grady

The Fairy Rath VI by John O’Grady


Panoramic view of the West Coast of Ireland at sunset called The Silver Sea by John O'Grady

The Silver Sea by John O’Grady


Artworks inspired by Provence tend to use more saturated colours and patterns that mimic what we may encounter in nature. Moonlit nocturnes often feature too.

Saint Hippolyte at Dusk by John O'Grady Art | Twilight in Provence as the moon rises above the crest of the hill lined with pines

Saint Hippolyte at Dusk


Dreamlike painting of an Enchanted Garden | Nocturne set in Provence called The Sisters by John O'Grady

The Sisters by John O’Grady


I enjoy the freedom of creating and not knowing how a piece will end up, but I also work on commissions based on photos or Google Maps when applicable.

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